Morayma Reyes

Dr. Morayma Reyes, MD

Morayma Reyes

Morayma Reyes, MD, PhD is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Pathology and Department of Laboratory at the University of Washington. Morayma is the associate director of the Coagulation Laboratoryat Harborview Medical Center and University of Washington Medical Center. She came to the UW in 2003 to attend the clinical pathology residency training and research postdoctoral training in the Department of Neurology.

Becoming the Associate Director of the Clinical Coagulation laboratory is a great accomplishment for Dr. Reyes, and she values this opportunity as it has helped her expand her knowledge and expertise in lab management and mentorship of residents.  Morayma also serves as the coagulation lab manager at Harborview Medical Center and at the University of Washington Medical Center, where she is involved in clinical coagulation consultations and directs the development of multiple clinical and research coagulations tests.  In 2013 , Morayma Reyes cofounded a clinical coagulation consultant group, which was utilized by multiple departments within UWMC and HMC.

Morayma Reyes’ work at the University of Washington stretches far beyond her title. For the past two years she has been part of a research coagulation team as lead consultant.  Her responsibilities include consultant services for projects that need laboratory space for coagulation testing. Her most recent research involvement was in the epidemiological study, which is based on the Native Alaskan Population and it was lead by Dr. Allen Rettie.Reyes performed coagulation testing and microparticle analysis from endocardititis patients at the University of New Mexico.

Morayma Reyes has to co-written two chapters on coagulation testing for the Transfusion Medicine and Hemostasis, Clinical and Laboratory Aspects textbook. During her time at the University of Washinton, Morayma has mentored multiple directors in coagulation, who have gone on to become professors in acclaimed academic institutes. In 2013, Dr. Morayma Reyes was awarded the UW Medicine Mentoring Award.